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While spiders can be an important part of the ecosystem, most of us don’t love having extra eight-legged roommates. Thankfully, of the thousands of species of spiders in North America, most spiders are harmless to humans. In fact, many species of spiders can be helpful to controlling the populations of other unwanted pests, like mosquitos and fruit flies. There are, however, a handful of species that are dangerous to humans. Should you encounter dangerous spiders, or simply too many spiders in one place, the experts at DeadOne Pest Control are ready to help.

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Why Spiders Are in Your Home

Spiders, like any living creature, need food, shelter, and warmth. They may wander into your home looking for any of these things and find that your home is well-suited to their needs. Unfortunately for spiders, most humans don’t love sharing their living space with them. Our Ft. Wayne spider control professionals will help evict these unwelcome roommates from your home with a thorough, multi-step process to first get rid of them and then make sure they don’t come back.

Common places where spiders may be found:

  • Your home’s foundation
  • Cracks around door and windows
  • Overhangs and eaves
  • Plants close to your home
  • Wall and ceiling corners
  • Baseboards
  • Under furniture
  • Attics or crawlspaces

When you schedule a pest control service with DeadOne Pest Control, we’ll check all of the above areas to determine where spiders might be hiding, as well as how they may have entered your home. You can do regular checks of these areas to monitor spider activity as well. If you notice a sudden increase in spiders, it might be time to call in our experts.

Spider Control Solutions

Once we conduct a thorough inspection of your home, one of spider control specialists in Fort Wayne will provide an immediate solution to your spider problem, as well as create a plan for future spider prevention. We’ll take steps to remove the spiders from your home, including removing webs and cleaning areas of your home where spiders and their eggs may be hiding. Once the immediate problem is addressed, we’ll work with you to help prevent future invasions. We will help identify and seal off areas where spiders might be getting into your home. We may also recommend using our treatments to protect you and your home for the long term. DeadOne Pest Control offers regular visits to help you maintain a pest-free environment for your home.

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