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Cockroaches are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about pest control. There is never just one cockroach – if you see one skitter across your home's or office's floor, you can almost certainly be assured there are many of their brothers, sisters, and cousins hiding in your walls, pipes, and other places throughout your home. We know how alarming and uncomfortable seeing a cockroach can be, so don’t delay. Call the pest control experts at DeadOne Pest Control to get your home back to being bug-free!

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How to Tell YOu Have a Cockroach Infestation

It's uneasy whenever you spot a cockroach scurry across the floor; and, unfortunately, because cockroaches are not solitary creatures, where there's one, there's likely more. Because they're nocturnal, you'll typically see cockroaches at night. Any time you spot a roach during the day, it's usually a sign that the area is overcrowded. This also means that you're dealing with a pretty large infestation. However, you don't even have to see cockroaches to tell you're dealing with an infestation.

Some of the other common signs of cockroach infestations include:

  • Musky odors: You may not notice the scent if you just see the rare single cockroach. However, if you're dealing with a true infestation, you'll start to detect a musky odor in the air. Typically, it's live cockroaches that give off this smell; however, as dead cockroaches start to decompose it will start to smell musky.
  • Egg casings: A cockroach's egg casing is long, hollow and light brown, typically holding anywhere from 20 to 50 eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the casing will be left behind. You will typically find casings at the base of your refrigerator, in your pantry or cabinets where there's food, or near leaky pipes, as cockroaches are attracted to moisture.
  • Droppings: Roaches are particularly disgusting because they leave their droppings wherever they go. The most common kind, the German cockroach, leaves behind droppings that look like specs the size of coffee grounds. However, some of the larger cockroaches will leave droppings as big as a grain of rice. You will typically see droppings underneath your stove and refrigerator, on the top of your cabinets, or in the corners of your floor.
  • Neighboring infestations: If your neighbors are dealing with a cockroach infestation, there's a great chance that your home is next or is already in the process of being invaded by these pests. If you know your neighbors have a roach problem, it's important that you take all the necessary steps you can to prevent them from finding anything about your property attractive. Store food away properly, clean up any spilled crumbs, seal your garbage cans, and ensure that your outdoor garbage bins are placed far enough away from your property.

Cockroaches & Disease

Cockroaches tend to be associated with poor hygiene and filth – and for good reason. Cockroaches’ natural behavior, such as their feeding and breeding habits, mean they are prone to carrying all kinds of microorganisms which can cause disease. Unlike mosquitos, which can cause disease through their bite, cockroaches don’t have to bite you to cause problems. They can leave diseases on any surface they touch.

Cockroaches can carry diseases like:

  • Salmonella
  • Giardia
  • Dysentery
  • Typhoid fever
  • Cholera

Cockroaches spread this disease by coming into contact with surfaces, objects, and even food that you could touch or consume. Additionally, if you or a loved one is prone to asthma, cockroaches are known to trigger symptoms via their saliva, feces, or shed skin. Protect your family’s health by making sure you secure your home against cockroaches with regular pest prevention services from our pest control experts.

Combating Cockroaches

DeadOne Pest Control is well equipped to tackle your cockroach problems. We’ll send one of our pest control experts to your home to take a thorough examination of the infestation. Cockroaches can be tricky to find because of how they like to hide, but our experienced professionals will find the source of the infestation and use our latest technology to get rid of them once and for all.

One our Fort Wayne cockroach control experts make an assessment of your home and the scale of your problem, we’ll recommend a course of action that best suits your situation. Often, this will mean a two-step treatment program. The first step deals with eliminating as many of the adult cockroaches as possible and interfering with their reproductive cycle. The second step, a few weeks later, will target any cockroaches that have matured after the first treatment. This will ensure that your home will be cockroach-free!

Preventing Cockroaches

Like any pest, cockroaches are looking for a safe place and a good meal, and your home may offer an ideal environment for them. It’s good practice to keep an eye on places where pests, like cockroaches, can enter your house, such as cracks in a doorframe or an outward facing vent. Make sure you’re not leaving any food out for a prolonged period of time and storing it properly. Your garbage cans should be cleaned regularly too!

To learn more about approach to cockroach control in Fort Wayne, call our team. Dial (260) 250-2665 to schedule your pest control treatment today!

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