Bee & Wasp Control in Ft. Wayne

Taking the Sting Out of Pest Problems

Bees and wasps can be scary to deal with on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to. With DeadOne Pest Control, your problems will be handled by trained Fort Wayne bee and wasp control professionals. We’ll make sure you’re able to enjoy your yard without the fear of being stung.

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Bees vs. Wasps

Bees often get mistaken for wasps, and vice versa, but the two couldn’t be more different. When you call the Ft. Wayne bee and wasp control experts at DeadOne Pest Control, we’ll take our time to assess which of the two we’re dealing with and design a treatment to take care of your specific problem. No matter which pest you are dealing with, it’s best to call a professional to handle your bee or wasp problem so you avoid getting stung!

Characteristics of honeybees include:

  • Black and brownish/orange stripes
  • Thin, slightly fuzzy bodies
  • Legs are hidden when they fly
  • Will only sting if provoked (they can only sting once before they die)
  • You will usually find them around flowers
  • Hives are waxy in appearance and are typically built in spaces that protect them from the elements, like hollow trees or even attics

Characteristics of wasps include:

  • Black and vibrantly yellow stripes
  • Thin body with no hair
  • Legs hang down when they fly
  • Aggressive, ready to sting (they can sting multiple times without dying)
  • You will usually find them around food and drinks
  • Nests are papery in appearance and are usually found hanging from tree branches or under gutters

The biggest difference between bees and wasps, aside from appearance, is that honeybees are typically very passive. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. On the other hand, wasps can be aggressive and could potentially sting you unprovoked. Regardless, don’t knock down a hive or nest if you see one – that can make both bees and wasps very aggressive, and could be very painful for you. Instead, give your local Ft. Wayne bee and wasp control experts at DeadOne Pest Control a call. We’ll take care of removing the nest safely.

The one exception to the general passivity of bees is the Africanized honeybee, which looks a lot like regular honeybees, but are much more aggressive. Africanized honeybees build their hives on the ground, unlike regular honeybees, and are more likely to defend their hive aggressively. In terms of appearance, they are slightly smaller than regular honeybees. If you’re unsure what kind of bee you’re dealing with, call the experts at DeadOne Pest Control. We’re equipped to handle all kinds of bees and wasps and will make sure your family stays safe.

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