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It’s never just one ant. If you see an ant wandering around your kitchen, there will likely be many, many more behind it. While ants are tiny, they can be a big problem for you and your family, as ants are difficult to get rid of on your own. Most of the ant extermination products you find at home improvement stores won’t actually affect the entire colony, meaning ants will just come back. Leave ant control to the experts at DeadOne Pest Control – we’ll take care of your ant problem for good.

If you keep finding ants in your home, call (260) 250-2665 to schedule ant control in Fort Wayne with DeadOne Pest Control.

Professional Ant Control

Many ant control solutions you find in home improvement stores treat the symptoms of the problem instead of getting to the root of your ant infestation. It’s helpful to deploy bait or spray around the perimeter of your home, but these methods only treat parts of infestation if you aren’t using them in conjunction with other forms of pest control. Our Fort Wayne ant control professionals at DeadOne Pest Control will thoroughly inspect your home and create a treatment plan to get rid of your problem.

DeadOne Pest Control’s approach to treating your ant infestation could include:

  • Baits and traps
  • Spraying outside of your home
  • Granules of treatment to protect your landscaping

We’ll take the time to locate the colony that’s causing your ant problems because treating just the ants you see won’t offer a lasting solution. Our pest control experts will tackle the problem at the root for the most effective results.

How Can I Prevent Ants in My Home?

Ants are tricky, stubborn creatures. They can get into your home through a variety of avenues, including obvious places like doors or windows, or less obvious places like cracks in the wall or along your baseboards. It’s a good idea to take the time to check your home at least annually for cracks or crevices that could allow an ant or other pest to get through. Prevention is the key!

Other ways to prevent an ant problem include:

  • Avoid leaving food out for long periods of time
  • Quickly clean up any spills, particularly of sugary drinks
  • Don’t leave your pet’s bowl full of food out
  • Seal your pantry items in airtight containers
  • Promptly take out your trash and keep the can clean

All of the above items have one thing in common: they involve a source of food for ants. If you take care to keep potential food sources cleaned up and locked away, you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood that ants will come searching for food in your home. The same applies for your yard - if you leave barbeque leftovers out, ants will surely find them.

While staying on top of your home maintenance can reduce the chances of an ant infestation, sometimes it’s not enough, and ants will still get in. If they do, you can call the Ft. Wayne ant control experts at DeadOne Pest Control for fast, effective relief.

If you’ve been struggling with getting rid of your ant problem, call (260) 250-2665 or contact us online to learn about your Fort Wayne ant control options.

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